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Submarine slope failure offshore Uruguay - first results

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New geophysical acquired during cruise M78 with RV “Meteor” in 2009 reveal a large-scale slope failure complex. Positioned between 1800 and 3300 m water depth, the slope failure affected an area of at least 1200 km2. The failure is hosted in contouritic deposits. The morphology of the up 70 m high headwalls is underlain by a deeper reflector which we interpret as detachment. Listric faults positioned upslope these headwalls root in this detachment and are precursor of future failure at this location. The detachment correlates with a regional BSR mapped by Uruguayan colleagues. Cores recovered from 3 transects across the failure complex confirm that the acoustic transparent units are debrites. Sedimentological evidence in accordance with hydro-acoustic data indicate that debrites deposited downslope this failure complex are recent features on the slope.

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