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The bird species of pandam wildlife park and the surrounding farmlands

Kaduna State University, Faculty of Science
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  • Birds
  • Farm Species
  • Wildlifepark
  • Species Abundance
  • Vegetation Variables
  • Species Diversity


This study investigated the bird species abundance and diversity of the Pandam wildlife park and the surrounding farmlands. The effect of time of day as well as vegetation variables on bird species diversity in the park and surrounding farmlands was also conducted. 10 transects in each study site were surveyed twice between during the dry season and vegetation variables (trees, fingers, finger-rings two- hand, grazing, farming, canopy cover, ground cover, litter cover, diameter breast height) measured. Results showed that there was a significant difference in bird species diversity between the park and the surrounding farmlands (Wicoxon test, z = -1.961, p=0.050). That time of day had a significant effect on the number of birds seen with the number of birds seen reducing as time approaches midday (Kruskal-Wallis 1-way ANOVA,2=59.651,df=7, p

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