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I Have Walked Many Roads

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The Cornfield Review A Literary Publication of the Ohio State University at Marion Volume 27|2010 The Cornfield Review Mission Statement: We strive to represent the literary and artistic voice of Central Ohio by giving area college students an opportunity to see their work published in a professional literary journal. Additionally, we are passionate about achieving a cultural impact that goes beyond local campuses and reaches into the greater community. Preface The novelist James A. Michener is quoted as saying about writing, “ I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” I believe you’ll find that the contents of this year’s edition of The Cornfield Review runs the emotional gamut, tangling with not only the sober and contemplative, but the whimsi- cal and witty—even swirling and swinging into the outer reaches of the downright macabre and disturb- ing. Correspondingly, the work done behind the scenes in my Literary Publishing course to put this vol- ume together was punctuated by the sound of laughter, tears, sighs, moans, and groans—and those were just the sounds emanating from yours truly! In reality, perhaps things weren’t quite that melodra- matic, but editing a creative writing journal can be hard work, so I thank this year’s Editorial Board for their dedication. We hope that you, the reader, enjoy what we came up with in the end. Acknowledgments are in order, of course. First and foremost, our thanks goes to The OSU-Marion administration, led by Dean Greg Rose, who continues to support this long-standing project. The Eng- lish faculty are, as always, constant stalwarts. I would personally like to extend thanks to this year’s Editorial Board: Matthew Couts, Kaley Ey- ster, Robert Johnson, Brianna Law- cock, Trisha Litz, Amanda Martin, Dennis Millisor, Rebecca Sullivan, Val Walton, Zachary Wheeler, and Joey Yake. As usual, The Cornfield Skeleton Crew, that hearty band of students who c

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