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Records and Descriptions of Epitoniidae (Orthogastropoda: Epitonioidea) from the Deep Sea off Northeastern Brazil and a Checklist of Epitonium and Opalia from the Atlantic Coast of South America

International Journal of Zoology
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A total of six genera and 10 species of marine gastropods belonging to the family Epitoniidae were collected from dredges of the continental slope off Brazil during the development of the REVIZEE (Live Resources of the Economic Exclusive Zone) Program. These species, referable to the genera Alora, Amaea, Cycloscala, Epitonium, Gregorioiscala, and Opalia, are reported from bathyal depths off northeastern Brazil. Alora sp., Gregorioiscala pimentai n. sp., and Opalia revizee n. sp. are species heretofore unknown to science. A list of the species of Epitonium and Opalia from the Atlantic coast of South America is presented based primarily on data from the literature. In addition, an overview of the biodiversity and distribution of the genera studied is presented for the Atlantic Ocean.

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