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Current State and Expansion of Community and Cultural Exchange in Developing Countries through the International Affairs Section of the Training Center : A study of the Educational Significance of International Exchange Projects

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  • 発展途上国
  • 国際理解教育
  • 異文化体験
  • Developing Country
  • International Understandings
  • Intercultural Experience
  • Education


This study aims to review the community exchange projects in developing countries conducted by the International Affairs Section of the Training Center, and to discover our current/potential capabilities surrounding international exchange development and expansion. Students tend to have a strong desire to study abroad and hope to be supported by their parents, teachers and staff. Therefore, we need to create more opportunities to provide students with information about studying abroad and encourage them to do so. Furthermore, the need to integrate the students' understanding of different thinking styles and methods, which they develop through their international experience, in ways which improve their professional skills became evident. This study makes us continue to consider the advantages of future international cooperation during students' developmental years, seeing that, at this stage in life, students are more able to develop strong minds to overcome various problems via the difficulties they experience overseas. Additionally, study abroad experiences give students the chance to think about what qualities are important for Japanese to become more internationally minded. We outline our endeavor to manage and implement international projects from an educational perspective.

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