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Letter from Ernst Mayr to Joshua Lederberg

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MUSEUM OF COMPARATIVE ZOijLOGY AT HARVARD COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE 38, MASSACHUSETTS “THE AGA~~XZ MUSEUM” April 15, 1.958 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Genetics University of Wisconsin Madison 6, Wisconsin Dear Josh: I tried to fi.nd you late Thursday afternoon and Friday morning to say goodbye to you and to thank me to the Symposium on Genetics in Medical 8 ou for having invited esearch. been able to say this to you In person, I Not having by this letter. want to convey 3-t to you I'm sure that the Symposium has done precisely what you had planned for it, namely to stimulate interest in medlcal genetics. I have a distfnct feeling that there 5s a growing interest ?n th5s field which in due tfme will lead not only to more research, 2 but also to a better understanding among practising physicians of the genetic problems involved. b E anel Discussion of the I have recently sat in at a-Hatlonal Etiology of mental dfsease where the problem --q % as discussed by cat.holic priests, protestant ministers, psychoanalysts .. and psychologists, contribution. none of when even hinted at the possible genetic f-q The Madison meeting was of particular value to me not only for meetfng personally Dr. Clarke and Dr. Buckwalter with whom I have corresponded for some time, but also because it wl.dened my horizon with respect to a number of areas of genetic research. You will understand that my appreciation of your invitation is a very real one. Sincerely yours, %-7f Ernst Mayr EM:PS

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