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The market for solid fuels in the Community in 1997 and the outlook for 1998. Draft report from the Commission. SEC (97) 2398 final, 16 December 1997

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Draft Brussels, 16.12.1997 SEC(97) 2398 final REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION The market for solid fuels in the Community in 1997 and the outlook for 1998 User Rectangle . . The niarket forsolid. fuels in the Community in 1997 and the outlook.for 1998 l. Thispreliminary report analyses the f~recastsfor,1997 and 1998 preparedbythe Member States and forWarded to the Commission in November 1997. Its. purpose is )o provide the ECSC Consultative Conui1.ittee and.' the. cirCles concerned with the most up-to-date information on the dev.eloprrients in the C::ommunity solid fuels market. . . A new ;ep~rt on the rn~ket for solid -fuels in the Co~munity in 1997 a~d the outlook for 1998 will be drawn up during the first quarter of 1.998. . · · -'2. Economic actiyity in' 1997 is expected to show a· strong rebound. fro in the estimated 1. 8% growth . iri 1996, mainly thanks to sustained export growth and a pick-up in private consumption in some . Member States:· F6r 1997 or:t average, real GDP is projected to rise· by 2.6 per cent in the · co·mmunity as a whole~ . There are ·increasingly convincing signs that the accetenition iri. activity will. continue in 1998, as favou'rable developments are already seen in the domestic economy 'because of continued budgetary consolidation, appropriate wage trends, . sustainably low interest rates, returning c~:msumer confidence and high profitability of investment. GOP should reach;, on average; a rate of 3eper ·cent in 1998. · · · · · 3. With respect to energy demand, provision~! figures for the firstthalf of 1997 point to a:· decrease, . in terms of gross inla·n·d consumption, of some 1.2% for the Community as a whole, due to the . warmerw~ather .. ' . By ·energy source, only :nuclear and hydro· have increased,· by 2:4% and 1.4% ~~spectively, compared t.o the same period of the' previous year, whilst oil 'consumption has remained roughly '.·static. All the other energy sources have

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