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La perception des inégalités en France depuis dix ans

  • Economics


The comparison of the 1999 and 2009 ISSP surveys shows that the financial crisis of 2008 did not greatly upset the French perceptions of wage inequality, or their wishes to correct them or even their sense of justice for their salary. Essentially, they continue to believe that inequalities in France are too large and should be reduced significantly and that their wage does not reward their desert. At the same time, over the period, inequalities objectively appear fairly stable in most of the population and only a small elite sees its revenues soar. The stability of opinions seems to reflect these facts accurately; all the more so, in detail, the French also seem quite aware that something is happening at the top of the pyramid, especially for the managers. So, overall, they wish to reduce any inequalities in pay by roughly the same amount as ten years ago. And when excesses are perceived, the request is to strongly correct them. JEL classification: D63

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