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Lorene Gopher



Microsoft Word - UF00008116_SEM252.doc SEM 252 Interviewer is James Ellison Interviewee is Lorene Gopher E: Today is August 15 [1999], Sunday morning, and I am sitting with Lorene Gopher and Daisy Jumper in Brighton, [Florida], at the Calusa Lodge. We are going to talk today and do the questionnaire with Lorene Gopher and talk about some of the issues and the questions and social and cultural changes over the last generation. To begin with, is Lorene Gopher your full name? G: Hm-mm [yes]. E: To what clan do you belong? G: The snake clan. E: Were you born up in Brighton? G: I was born in Brighton on a reservation. I was not born in a hospital, no. E: At home? G: Hm-mm [yes]. E: When were you born? G: February 13, 1945. I have four sisters and one brother, and we were all born at home. E: You have four sisters and one brother. Are they older or younger? G: Everybody is older except for my brother; he is younger. E: Do you have a Creek name, a Miccosukee name? G: Hm-mm [yes]. E: Is that a name you would want to share with me, or no? G: Dukutheget [spelling suggested by Jim]. It means Atwo people running.@ SEM 252 page 2 E: Would you know how to spell that in the English alphabet? G: I can spell it in our alphabet, the way we have it. I never wrote it before. If you write it longhand, that [Dukutheget] is alright, so you can say it. E: Yes. I mean, it will not be accurate. And it means Atwo people running.@ G: Uh-huh [yes], and I am sure my grandma named all of us. How she got names always related to wartime or something. Especially the little boys, it is always like during the war, little words from there. E: When it refers to the war, is it referring to the nineteenth century Seminole wars? G: Hm-mm [yes], because her grandmother told her a lot of things about the war that her grandmother=s grandmother had told that grandmother. So, she kind of told us, like, firsthand what went

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