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Influence of Ground Water Table on the Growth of Grape (cv. Delaware) and Japanese Pear (cv. Nijisseiki)

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Influence of ground water table on the growth of grape (cv. Delaware) and Japanese pear (cv. Nijisseiki). N. NISHIMOTO, A. OYAIZU and K. NAGASAWA, Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University, Matsudo, Japan. Tech. Bull. Fac. Hort. Chiba Univ., No.20: 9〜17, 1972. Tree growth, apparent-photosynthesis and chlorophyll content in the leaves in 'Delaware' grapes and 'Nijisseiki' pears grown in the large pots were observed under three different conditions of water table: "A": 80cm water level under ground, "B": 50cm water level under ground, "C": 20cm water level under ground. Tree growth of grapes, especially "A" plot of top growth was inferior to that of "B" and "C" plots. However, shoots in "B" and "C" plots were grown like a water sprout. Chlorophyll contents and amount of apparent-photosynthesis in the leaves of "A" plot were greater than those of other plots. But leaf area in the "B" and "C" plots was larger than that of "A" plot. Root system of grape plants was influenced considerably by level of ground water table: "A" plot plants had many thick roots, "C" plot plants many rootlets and "B" plot plants, however, had about the same weight of thick and fibrous roots. Tree growth of pear, especially "C" plot of top growth was inferior to "A" and "B" plots. Earlier stopping of shoot elongation in "C" plot was observed at the end of June. Content of chlorophylls and leaf area of "C" plot of pear were lower considerably than those of the others. Root system of pear was influenced considerably by ground water table level, its influence is similar to the case of grape. In the pears, there were many abnormal roots and dead roots in root system of especially "C" plot. Pear growth was greatly influenced by level of ground water table as compared to growth of grapes.

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