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A study on the historical character of literary movement in Daegu district and the methods of the activation

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  • 문학운동
  • 지역문학
  • 순수문학
  • 민족현실
  • 활성화
  • 평가
  • 문학저널리즘
  • 전형
  • 가치
  • Design
  • Literature
  • Philosophy


The purpose of this study is to examines literary movement in Daegu district from just after Liberation(1946) to present. And the preceding review in this paper has focused on inquiring into practice different literary coterie magazines and searching for the methods of the more effective activation in district's literature. The literary history of Daegu district is the procedure of conflict, conquest, unification between pure aesthetics and participation in the realities of life. The features of these literary movement means various tendency of coteries. But the characteristics of historical literary movement in Daegu leans toward pure literature. After puting into effect a self-governing body in 1990's, there are many concerns about district's literature. The Korean literary history is indivisible from all works of writers living in their hometown. It is necessary to restore subjectivity and self-respect of writer in Daegu district. At the same time, it is impossible for new evaluation works without studying literature in district systematically. For upbringing district's literature, it is impotent to make new environment developing literary creation in administrative support and cultural policy. The publishing world and organs of public opinion in Daegu district must help writers to create an alive specimen in local literature.

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