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Internal communication and the impact on productivity at Satara Cooperative

Lincoln University
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  • Kiwifruit Industry
  • Supply Chain
  • Internal Communication
  • Communication Systems
  • Performance Reporting
  • Management
  • Workplace Culture
  • Employee Participation
  • Communication


Competition within the kiwifruit industry continues, with kiwifruit suppliers seeking increased market share. Zespri is responsible for almost all export marketing and facilitates continuous improvement through increasing compliance standards and benchmarking kiwifruit suppliers' performance. Kiwifruit suppliers are a key part of the kiwifruit supply chain from orchard to wharf gate. Some kiwifruit suppliers operate within a single site and are often perceived as higher performers. Operating a multi-site operation requires sophisticated internal communication systems that include face to face, printed and optimising the use of technology. This paper discusses how Satara can develop its competitive advantage by improving internal communication to increase productivity through communication systems and processes, increasing the accountability of employees with standardised performance reporting between sites and shifts, and motivating employees by recognition.

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