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Poulson's American Daily Advertiser 7/21/1818 3:2

  • Political Science


Article Title: "Under title of 'General Jackson.' The Advertizer publishes an editorial from 'Civis' saying the American attack on Pensacola constitutes a direct act of war against Spain and that the town should be restored to Spanish sovereignty. " Author: Published in: Poulson's American Daily Advertiser Place of Publication: Philadelphia, PA Publication Date: 7/21/1818 General Jackson. From the Richmond Enquirer, July 16. Many new papers of the United States, are coming out in the most unqualified terms of praise upon the whole conduct of Major General Jackson, and Florida. Some who admit the occupation of Pensacola to be an act of war against Spain, are yet willing to support it ; some because we want the Floridas ; others, because we have suffered wrongs from Spain, which they are willing, in this way, to bring to an adjustment as soon as possible. Some justify him upon one ground, and some upon another. Under these circumstances, we give place to another view of the question, from the pen of Civis. Were we at liberty to mention his name, it would be unnecessary to say how worthy he is of being heard. We agree with Civis, that Pensacola ought to be immediately restored to the Spanish authorities. The acts of the commanding officer, so deeply interesting to the honor and peace of this nation, ought not to be passed over because they are acts of General Jackson, or because they relate to such a nation as Spain. Notwithstanding his high character, or her low one, our government ought to weigh the whole matter carefully, and act accordingly. To the Editor of the Enquirer. SIRThe capture of Pensacola, and the fort of Barrancas by General Jackson, the dispossession of the Spanish authorities there, the establishment of a territorial government with a military commander at its head, and of a custom house under the laws of the United States, are acts of such an extraordinary character, that they have astonished the people. This is a direct attack on Spain. It is an act of plain and palpable WAR.

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