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Band Edges Determination of CuInS2Thin Films Prepared by Electrodeposition

Elsevier B.V.
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  • Physical Chemistry > Solid State Chemistry And Materials
  • Physchem/0403003
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CuInS 2 (CIS) semiconductor thin films were grown by electrodeposition on a stainless steel and ITO substrates. In order to improve the polycrystallinity the samples were annealed in a N 2 atmosphere. The films were characterized by electrochemical techniques and X ray diffraction and their band gaps were determined by photocurrent spectroscopy. When the electrolytic bath has the same concentration [Cu 2+] = [In 3+] the resulting film was of the n-type, while for different concentrations of Cu and In ions the film was of the p type. A depletion zone during capacitance-voltage measurements at 10 kHz frequency was seen over the voltage range used. Using C-V plots in the depletion zone, flat-band potentials and the energetic position of band edges were calculated.

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