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Summary of the address by M. Jean Rey, President of the Commission, to the European Parliament, on the occasion of the debate on the General Report on the Activities of the Communities in 1968. Strasbourg, 2 July 1969

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COMMiSSION DES COMMUNAUTIES EUROPUNNI!S • KOMMISSION Olliii!UROPAISCIH!N Gltlti_I,_SCHAFflN • CO.iUiONI Dh'f 'C()MUNIT.t EUROPE! •COMMISSI!' VAN DE i!UROPI!SE G!MI!INSCHAf>PEN • COt.IMISliON OF tl'll EU~PUN C~NtfiU INFORMATION AtA PRE SSE· MITTEilUNG AN OlE PRE SSE •INFORMAZIONE AUA STAMPA • MEOEOEUNG AAN DE PfRS • . PRESS HHEASE ··liRRAk~f . Br.u;~so+e, 2 July 1969 . ~t>J._ -f1J Sumr.iary of the by• H. , -~-~an~ He,.&:,-:- Bre!i_*de_nt ·.of the .Coi!II!lission, .. to the ~uropear>.: Parliament·, ·on 2 July 1969, on the octasion of the debate on th~ .General ]:{eport on th~ a~tivities of· the CorurrlUl1ith~s·in 1968 .. N~: Rey recal.::J-ed t_hat he. _had General· 3epor.t on 12 ctate;~;e:i t ·to v1h:ich .he intE:mde.d to to repeat .• m<':icie a. ;nwech in tro('.ucir:·~ the 'l'his. \n1~ EU1 ~sse' tical refer. belt ''l1tich ,it viould 'be rjointless . . He was very grnJ;eful,.to tbe. rappoi~teur, H •. Corona, for the thor6ug'11, piecise and "'ery interesting vtork he. had ·done. • Jfe_ e;hared 1J~ Corona' 5,, ;;;ie'.'Lthc:•t t}t~. solut-ion. of .. pr_e.s . t 'i1robl,:;rtrs depel?de~Oessentially on. _:the ·r>oli tiptil_ X;ill. of the· 'boramun~ty · inr:ititutiqns &Jid the;Governments of the Nembe:r· .States -to pusl:J. r:thead ~,:ith the inierrial and ~£ternal cori!rtt~uctio:q .<?f 1?hE! Coniffiunity. - • "" -•• _- - • -· • • ' : ' - ~. -. • • - • ~ ' ' .- ' • •• 0·~ -~ :. • -- :- • ' • - . H. Rey considere'd that the difficulties experi"en:ced in discucsing problems which were, after all, o:f limited significance, raised .the question whether it vould today be-possible to negotiate and conclude the Treaty of Rome, that monument of iJ<lagination and political courage• Pl •. Rey then dealt \:ri th three :problems: (a) First, as rr~gard>aonctary policy, he emphasizecl that the Commission was ·giving this <1bsoJ:~1 te priority and that if monetary policy on the one ha:nd: and the cor:;uon agricuJ_ tural

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