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Radical polymerization of methacrylate and styrene functionalized polyaromatic ethers coordinated to cyclopentadienyliron cations.:


Arom. ether complexes of cyclopentadienyliron contg. pendent carboxylic acid groups were reacted with methacrylate and styrene functionalized mols. These diiron complexes were subsequently polymd. in the presence of AIBN to give the corresponding polymethacrylates and polystyrenes with organoiron functionalized side chains. Alternatively, the terminal chloro groups on the complexed arom. rings of these monomers were displaced by diphenolic reagents. The resulting polyarom. ethers were isolated in good yields and their pendent olefinic groups were subjected to radical polymn. The thermal and electrochem. properties of these organoiron polymers were investigated. [on SciFinder(R)]

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