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Method of Embodying the Meaning of Headlines Using News Articles

Procedia Computer Science
DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2013.09.102
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  • News Articles
  • Communication


Abstract In recent years, various studies have investigated intelligent robots that can smoothly communicate with humans. Communication between humans is often achieved through conversation, so it is likely that robots will need to be able to perform human-like conversation. There are various types of human conversation. Intelligent robots will be expected to perform conversations a lot as human. In order to realize such conversation in robots, resourses for making new topics is required. We herein focus on the news website headlines because headlines are a more appropriate format for initiating conversation than the text of articles. However, there is a problem in that specific information is lacking from headlines. Therefore, this paper present a method of embodying the meaning of headlines using news articles for using headlines as a resource of the robot conversation. The proposed method embodies the meanings of news headlines by adding or replacing words in the headline with words from the articles. As a result, the proposed method was able to embody the meanings of Japanese headlines in a natural manner for approximately 58.3% of the 120 headlines belonging to the test set.

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