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Communication from the Commission to the Council on raw materials in relations with the developing countries which export raw materials. COM (75) 226 final, 21 May 1975

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COM (75) 226- The purpose of this comm~ication is to provide for requirements arising from the progrA.1'l1Jl1e of forthcoming int ernat ional discussions and t in this context , . it refers especially to the problems facing the developing countries which export raw materials. Other aspects of the very broad questions connected with raw materials are and will be dealt. with elsewhere.. These- include questions concerning the developing countries' own supply in commodities particularly food products, and the Community' s own supply in raw materials, a problem discussed in a Commission communication to the Council of 5 February 1-915, of which certain basic facts are recapitulated in Annex INTRODUCTION 2. World economic events in recent years and recent political trends. underline the need for a thorough reexaminat ion of int ernat tonal economic relations. These events have revealed the extent to which the economic development of all categories of countries depends on a continued and balanced growth of international trade. In view of this interdependence, it is essen~ial that relations of solidarity and co-responsibility are established in a climate of cooperation in which the developing countries will no longer simply appear as the suppliers of a limited range of goods required by the industrialized countries , but as partners in the world' economic growth , in which a larger and fairer share should fall to them. COMt 75) 226- - 2 - 3. More particularly, this reexamination should cover two major questions which are closely connected: the condit ions in which raw materials produced by thef' . developing countries are developed and marketed and, as far as is possible , the accelerat ion in the growth of the developing countries. These questions are vital for all countries which are consumers of raw materials , whether they are non-producer developing countries or industrialized count ries whose indust rial act vi t y depends on the regular supply of raw materials

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