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Hur uppfattar musikstuderande med olika genrebakgrunder samma musik?

Lunds universitet/Musikhögskolan i Malmö
  • Social Sciences
  • Musicology
  • Arts And Architecture
  • Pedagogy And Didactics
  • Pedagogik
  • Didaktik
  • Music Perception
  • Rock Music
  • Classical Music
  • Musikvetenskap
  • Klassisk Musik
  • Genre Background


Title: How do music students with different genre backgrounds perceive the same music? In this paper I report a study about how music students with different genre background perceive the same music. I let twentyone classical music upper secondary school pupils and twentyone rock music upper secondary school pupils listen to ten short music pieces of different character and styles. While listening, they were asked to answer four questions about which instruments they could perceive, what they could tell about pulse, rhythm and beat in the music, which component they thought was the most important in the piece and what word they thought best described the feeling of the piece. All four questions had to be answered for each piece of music to facilitate analysis of differences connected to genre background in those answers. The results showed that the classical students more easily perceived the classical instruments while the rock students more easily perceived rock instruments. However, other things than genre background seem to make the biggest impact on how the students perceive music, e g the music interest of friends and families, the music education received from schools or simply in which mood we are in for the moment. It is important to remember how different we perceive music so that we do not reduce the value of the view of other people, even though it might be very far from our own.

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