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Think Tank Review Issue 5, June 2013

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Dear Readers, General Secretariat of the Council Central Library THINK TANK REVIEW Issue 5 June 2013 Dear Readers, Welcome to issue 5 of the Think Tank Review (TTR) compiled* by the Central Library at the General Secretariat of the Council. In May, several organizations reported on a decrease in public opinion support and trust in the EU. Reading the recent available reports side-by-side will highlight a diversity of sources, sampling methods, poll questions that - although not detracting from the main trend - certainly makes a nuanced reading advisable. Against this background, we also link to publications looking at national politics in France, Italy, Germany. The June European Council, with its focus on economic governance through the European Semester, predictably triggers a lot of think tank activity. Some organizations look at systemic issues, power relations, direction and leadership in European integration, the role of the EU in new world scenarios. Other take a more specific approach and try to measure the impact of EU-IMF assistance, or go into details of banking union proposals and the notion of "contractual arrangements" between countries and EU institutions. We report proposals on policy and institutions to tackle the roots of the crisis from think tanks at the heart of the "Brussels bubble" but also from as far as Sweden and Lithuania. Away from the abstract realm of institutional architecture, some think tanks address specific issues of industrial policy. In the section on external relations we gather analyses of the Syrian conflict - together with broader perspectives on the Middle East - and several papers on EU-Asia relations, from diverse sources in Greece, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic. This section also includes papers on EU relations with Russia, Turkey, the USA, Japan, Mexico and Brazil. The special focus this month is the energy policy of the EU - from the global energy markets to energy efficiency. In the R

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