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Iteratively Decoded Variable Length Space-Time Coded Modulation: Code Construction and Convergence Analysis

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An Iteratively Decoded Variable Length Space Time Coded Modulation (VL-STCM-ID) scheme capable of simultaneously providing both coding and iteration gain as well as multiplexing and diversity gain is proposed. Non-binary unity-rate precoders are employed for assisting the iterative decoding of the VL-STCM-ID scheme. The discrete-valued source symbols are first encoded into variable-length codewords that are mapped to the spatial and temporal domains. Then the variable-length codewords are interleaved and fed to the precoder assisted modulator. More explicitly, the proposed VL-STCM-ID arrangement is a jointly designed iteratively decoded scheme combining source coding, channel coding, modulation as well as spatial diversity/multiplexing. As expected, the higher the source correlation, the higher the achievable performance gain of the scheme becomes. Furthermore, the performance of the VLSTCM-ID scheme is about 14.6 dB better than that of the FixedLength STCM (FL-STCM) benchmarker at a source symbol error ratio of 10^{−4}.

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