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Fragments on the black swan: money, credit and finance in The Arcades Project of Walter Benjamin

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  • A1 - General Economics
  • G3 - Corporate Finance And Governance
  • G33 - Bankruptcy
  • Liquidation
  • D84 - Expectations
  • Speculations
  • D70 - General
  • D8 - Information
  • Knowledge
  • And Uncertainty
  • C72 - Noncooperative Games
  • B5 - Current Heterodox Approaches
  • D81 - Criteria For Decision-Making Under Risk And Uncertainty
  • B50 - General
  • D82 - Asymmetric And Private Information
  • Mechanism Design
  • C70 - General
  • C7 - Game Theory And Bargaining Theory
  • G01 - Financial Crises
  • D0 - General
  • D03 - Behavioral Economics
  • Underlying Principles
  • D7 - Analysis Of Collective Decision-Making
  • A13 - Relation Of Economics To Social Values
  • A12 - Relation Of Economics To Other Disciplines
  • G0 - General
  • Economics


The main objective of this paper is to present a reading of The Arcades Project by Walter Benjamin in the context of the financial crisis, in particular, reflect from a few fragments of Benjamin's work appear to lie around a Black Swan. The recovery of the fragments of The Arcades seems appropriate at a time when the financial crisis should be taught as a deeper crisis. Walter Benjamin is placed beyond its time, with a powerful sense of observation worthy of emulation analytical.

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