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Book Review: A dictionary of entomology.

Florida Entomologist
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2-16729/p.742-743/FES/asg 742 Florida Entomologist 84(4) December 2001 G ORDH , G., AND D. H EADRICK . 2001. A dictionary of entomology. CABI Publishing; Wallingford, UK. ix + 1032 p. Hardback. ISBN 0-85199-291-9. $112. In 1989 the New York Entomological Society published The Torre Bueno Glossary of Entomol- ogy [TBGE], compiled by Stephen Nichols with the help of 50 editorial contributors. That book is a thorough reworking and great expansion of J. R. de la Torre Bueno (1937) A Glossary of Entomol- ogy. It is a scholarly work with high editorial stan- dards, and is now out of print. CABI has filled the void with a new dictionary [GHDE]. GHDE is larger, with page size 6.5 · 9.5 inches (cf. 6 · 9 inches), with smaller font, 2 col- umns of text per page (cf. one), and 1032 pages (cf. 840). To calculate the difference in content, I counted the number of words on p. 478 of TBGE (418), and that in the left column of p. 478 of GHDE (360), this page chosen at random. Thus, I estimate that GHDE contains 212% of the words in TBGE. Unfortunately, I noticed 2 typographi- cal errors in that left column of p. 478 of GHDE (“Myrmeleonidae” [should be Myrmeleontidae] and “conjuction”), whereas I noticed none in TBGE. This seems to me to typify the difference between the two: GHDE contains roughly twice the amount of information, but TBGE is much more carefully edited. GHDE came about through three decades of note-taking by Gordon Gordh, greatly expanding Torre Bueno (1937). It is no way a “rip-off” of TBGE, indeed it omits some of the terms defined in TBGE, and some of the omissions are unfortu- nate. GHDE also has several other features that are not included in TBGE. First, it includes refer- ences to biographies and/or bibliographies of prominent deceased entomologists, for which the most complete source is a work by Pamela Gilbert (1977), endearingly known to entomologists as the “dictionary of dead buggists” o

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