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Trajno obrazovanje i napredno usavršavanje kao mogućnost razvijanja kompetencijeučenika

Faculty of teacher education
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  • Continuous Education
  • Advanced Training
  • Teacher
  • Development
  • Competences
  • Education


Continuous education takes place after the award of a formal degree; it is in continuity with the previously attained education; it is realised within or outside institutions; it serves the function of building a person who can anticipate the future; it helps the teacher to enable students to educate themselves; it goes on until the end of life. It represents a teacher's personal need and a societal need. For a pertinent approach to continuous education, it is important to have motivation. Continuous education and advanced training are an integral part of the educational system. Between the initial and continual education of the teacher, there is organised continuity. Global determination of the means and forms of continuous education include cooperation (both formal and informal), personal or individual advancement, and group or collective advancement

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