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Coordination between the Community and the Member States on education and training schemes in developing countries. Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament. COM (94) 399 final, 26.09.1994

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN.COMMUNITIES COM(94) 399 final Brussels, 26.09.1994 COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE COUNCIL AND THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Q\J CIXJDI N\TIQ\J BEMEB\1 ll-E CThltU\IIlY IN) ll-E IVEM3ER STATES CN ID.l)\TIQ\J IN) TRI\1 Nl t\G s:H3\.t1:S ·1 N £B,£11P I t\G CD.NTR I ES - ~- FoiiONing a request rrode at the Counci I rreet ing on developnmt in M3y last year~· this cmnrunicat ion· out I ines proposals for the Cmnruni ty and Mrrber States to coordinate act ion on education and training in developing countries. The rroin aim is to strengthen their action in this area by coordinating it within a fraTBI\Ork of principles, priorities, strategies and resources\1\hich wi I I rroke aid ope rat ions in developing countries rmre ef feet ive and usefu I. The cmnrunicat ion gives a qualitative overviEW of education and training syst8T'6 in the developingV\Dr ld. It high I ights the role of education in hLirnn develop-rent. In I inewith internationally agreed principles, it stresses the top priority to be accorded to basic schooling, the value of long-term backing· for education in the relevant countries and the need to support educational planning, adninistration and reform. · Support strategies have to be country specific and develop-rent cooperation can on I y he I p i f each nat i on i s dea I t wi t h i n i t s 01\fl r i gh t . Turningrrore specifically to the practicalities of coordination (Article 130x of the Ulion Treaty), the· cmnrunicat ion places special ffilJhasis on the foiiONing: inforrrot ion exchanges· in all areas; operational coordination for each individual country on the basis of a cOTpleTentary approach be~en the Camrun i ty and Mnbe r States; regu I a r experts' rreet i ngs; an annua I coordination progress report; and greater consultationwithotherrrojor donors in education and training. • -,.;-1- June 1994 Communication from the Commission to the Council and Parliament on coordination between the

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