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Relationships between plants and Mediterranean lizards

Croatian Natural History Museum
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  • Sredozemni Gušteri
  • Podarcis
  • Lacertidae
  • Oprašivanje
  • Raznošenje Sjemena
  • Mutualizam
  • Herbivornost
  • Traženje Hrane
  • Mediterranean Lizards
  • Podarcis
  • Lacertidae
  • Pollination
  • Seed Dispersal
  • Mutualism
  • Herbivory
  • Foraging Behaviour


Different kinds of interactions between lizards and plants in the Mediterranean basin have been described. Lizards have shown to »use« plants as a refuge against predators, as a foraging site, as a thermal microhabitat or as a food resource. In the last case, they can either act as herbivores (+/– interaction, consuming vegetative and/or reproductive parts, and damaging the plant to a higher or lower degree) or as mutualists (+/+ interaction, by behaving as legitimate pollinators and/or seed dispersers).

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