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'Don't Give Us the Usual Feed,' Wisconsin High Students Told Prof. Link

Capital (Madison, Wisconsin) Times
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  • Political Science


‘0 1 ‘Don’t Give. Us, the Usual. Feea: - .sconsin High Students ToldlPf. I.&& -. TO WISCONSIN HIGH BY PROF. KARL PAUL LINK! r 1 155 COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS DELIVEREL, I AM NOT unmindful of the honor that this class has be- stowed upon me. For those who do not know what the procedure is in selecting “the parent. speaker,” it should be mentioned that election is held by secret ballot. This is one of the few elections held in Madison whose outcome is not determined by some kind of political bosses, pressure groups, the press gr radio or the power of the Deans and Vice-presidents. The secre- tary of the class informed me that I could say what I .please. The tact of this class might be debatable. But I hasten to add that no one could ac- cuse it of lacking courage. The arrangements for my appearance here were made a few days before the senior Senator from Wisconsin ad- dressed the students of WiS- consin High. Shortly after Sen. Wiley’s appearance I met several of the senior boys. One of them piped up: “We are all set to hear you at Commencement-but don’t give us the usual feed.” This remark startled me. I Te- plied that. since I am not up for election to public office, not aspiring to be either a Dean or a Veep, had no Prof. Karl PauI Link secrets to conceal; I would avoid the “usual feed.” Before I consider some of The Synthetic Lore of 1955- I wish to say a few words about this class, its performance, its teachers, and this school. In the past four years I served as taxi driver for several members of this class. I have also seen a good many of you frequently from the window of my office while you lunched and played. It is my sincere opinion that this class is a very good class. This class might well be among the very best this school has produced. This is a good class when judged by any standards. You have been spared many of the dangers that have plagued comparable classes in London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, M

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