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Letter from Louis S. Baron to Joshua Lederberg

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ARMY MEDICAL SERVICE GRADUATE SCHOOL WALTER REED ARMY MEDICAL CENTER WASHINGTON IL. D. C. IN REPLY REFERTO September 21, 1963 Pro!'. J. Ledsrberg Department of Genetics i_nivcrsity of Nisconsin College of Agricultume %adison, P!isoonsin Dear Joshua, Let me first offer my oongratulations on your recent aohievemente. I hmd hoped to be at the SAB meetings but was unable to make it, I have just returned from leave whioh may explain the dm4 delay in answering your letter. I have not seen Larry Weed lately, but have heard that his manusotipt was aooepted by the Jo Bact . and should be published shortly. There may possibly be a oopy of the manuscript on file here whioh could be sent you. I am not sure of Larry's exact address other than Johns liopkins, Baltimore. However, I earl get his caplplete a,ddrees, if you don't already have it. As far as the Tao E. coli oultures are eonoerned, neither have the XII factor. Cult- -nally, the D-139 strain is interestin g in that the cclooies take on a donut-shaped appearance within about 48 hours. We notioed a similar colonial appearance in a Shigella alkalesoens oulture whioh aarried a phase. The oultures have not been sxa&ned in detail, but there is a reference for the D-139 (Van Oye- Ann. Instit. Past. 81, pg 884 Dec. 1951). Mith regard to the Vi phage transductions , our earliest experiments,reported in the xxmmx nota)wera oonfined to the xylose factor. However, if 6 cell suspension(Xyl- Arab-) is treatsd with a lysate from a Xylt( Arab{ strain and plated on E%B xyloae and EMB arab inme, considerably more positives appear on the arubinose plates(linearly related to the number of phage partioles used)than occur on the xylose plates. As an explanation, it would seem that xylosa is extremely inhibitory a to the cells and may affect the expression of some of the cells. This rnw also explain the complete lack of sponb~~~outt mutants on xylose control plates. Ye hme completed some reconetruotion experim

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