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Étudier la mémoire collective en psychologie et en histoire / Étudier la mémoire collective en psychologie et en histoire: Approches croisées

  • Lucrèce, Heux
  • Camille, Caparos
  • Céline, Souchay
  • Isabelle, Luciani
  • Jeremy, Tree
  • Anne-Marie, Granet-Abisset
  • Rebecca, Clifford
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2023
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Since the end of the 20th century, the notion of collective memory has been the subject of keen interest in disciplines concerned with the functioning of individual memory and its effects on the way in which past events are recalled in society. The recall of past events raises questions about the interactions that can take place between the information contained in an individual's memory and the interference of the social environment in which that person evolves over time.However, the notion of collective memory is still being debated about its definition and the methods used to study this phenomenon. This contribution proposes to compare the contributions of two disciplines interested in memory at the individual and collective levels, namely psychology and history. The experimental approach developed in particular in psychology has effectively made it possible to highlight the convergence of recollections of the same event by individuals belonging to the same group, for example by measuring the influence of conversation on recall with the comparison of a group having exchanged memories and a group not having exchanged; The method of source analysis applied in history has been used in a wide variety of studies that seek to deconstruct the evolution and uses of a form of narrative of an event as it may be promoted in the public space and within a group.By reporting on the practices and debates that animate studies on collective memory in psychology and history, this synthetic review of the literature of two fields that are not often associated underlines the richness of a cross-disciplinary approach to continue to invest the field of collective memory.

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