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Dynamic relaxations in a bio-based polyamide with enhanced mechanical modulus

  • Haddou, Geoffrey
  • Roggero, Aurélien
  • Dandurand, Jany
  • Dantras, Eric
  • Ponteins, Philippe
  • Lacabanne, Colette
Publication Date
Dec 15, 2018
Open Archive Toulouse Archive Ouverte
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A new grade of bio-based polyamide (PA)—PA meta-xylylene diamine 10 (PA mXD 10)—was investigated. Its first interest is that it permits mild processing conditions at about 200°C. The calorimetric study shows the existence of two cold crystallizations indicative of slow crystallization rate. The glass transition stabilizes at 55°C. By combining calorimetry with dynamic mechanical analysis and dynamic dielectric spectroscopy, we found a perfect consistency between the set of data giving the molecular mobility. The localized relaxations follow Arrhenius equations while the viscoelastic transition follows a Vogel–Fulcher–Tammann law. The compilation of all the relaxation times determined by means of the different analyses highlights a good correlation. This result is perfectly explained by the polarity of the macromolecular chain. The dynamic mechanical behavior showed a storage modulus higher than for the corresponding aliphatic PA and nearly constant until room temperature.

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