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Dose calculations with SERA and JCDS treatment planning systems

  • Koivunoro, H.
  • Kumada, H.
  • Seppälä, T.
  • Kotiluoto, Petri
  • Auterinen, Iiro
  • Kankaanranta, L.
  • Savolainen, S.
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Three treatment planning systems developed for clinical BNCT use are SERA developed by INL/Montana State University, NCTPlan developed by the HarvardMIT and the CNEA group and JCDS developed by JAEA in Japan. Previously, performance of the SERA and NCTPlan has been compared in various studies. In this preliminary study, the dose calculations performed with SERA and JCDS systems were compared in single brain cancer patient case with the FiR 1 epithermal neutron beam. A twofield brain cancer treatment plan was performed with the both codes. The dose components to normal brain, tumor and planning target volume (PTV) were calculated and compared in case of one radiation field and combined two fields. The depth dose distributions and the maximum doses in regions of interest were compared. Calculations with the treatment planning systems for the thermal neutron induced (10B and nitrogen) dose components and photon dose were in good agreement. Higher discrepancy in the fast neutron dose calculations was found. In case of combined twofield treatment plan, overall discrepancy of the total maximum weighted dose was ~3% for normal brain and PTV and ~4% for tumor dose.

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