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Doping Engineering of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Nitrogen Compounds Using Basicity and Alignment.

  • Kumanek, Bogumiła
  • Milowska, Karolina Z
  • Przypis, Łukasz
  • Stando, Grzegorz
  • Matuszek, Karolina
  • MacFarlane, Douglas
  • Payne, Mike C
  • Janas, Dawid
Publication Date
Jun 08, 2022
Apollo - University of Cambridge Repository
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Charge transport properties in single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) can be significantly modified through doping, tuning their electrical and thermoelectric properties. In our study, we used more than 40 nitrogen-bearing compounds as dopants and determined their impact on the material's electrical conductivity. The application of nitrogen compounds of diverse structures and electronic configurations enabled us to determine how the dopant nature affects the SWCNTs. The results reveal that the impact of these dopants can often be anticipated by considering their Hammett's constants and pKa values. Furthermore, the empirical observations supported by first-principles calculations indicate that the doping level can be tuned not only by changing the type and the concentration of dopants but also by varying the orientation of nitrogen compounds around SWCNTs.

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