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Dokumentationens närvaro : En essä om att dokumentera etiskt i förskolan

  • Lindsjöö, Åsa
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Jan 01, 2015
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This paper uses essay as a qualitative method to investigate a dilemma which takes place in multiple portrayed stories based on my own experiences. These stories describe how the documentation requirements in the preschool curriculum affect me. I review some of the difficulties that I have experienced within the process of documentation at the preschool, such as the difficulty to be emotionally present with the children while simultaneously documenting. I rely on the hermeneutic circle to present a more nuanced picture of the dilemma. The purpose of this essay is to examine the preschool pedagogue´s approach to documentation and how it in turn affects the children. The questions I ask in this essay concern the purpose of documentation, the influence of the children, the ethical approach to children's life worlds and the presence of the preschool pedagogue in the documentation process. I will highlight the issues by raising pedagogical documentation as a common ground for reflection work, which also focuses on the influence and involvement of the child. I also reflect over the preschool pedagogue´s ethical approach to documentation work as well as the children's integrity and life worlds. My essay will discuss how adults exert power based on their position, view the ability to reflect and make use of fronesis which is needed for the preschool pedagogue to understand how to act wisely and see things from multiple perspectives. The pedagogue’s ability to be emotionally present with the children and ability to make use of practical experience with regard to documentation coupled with pedagogue’s ability to reflect over situations are necessary factors for reevaluating a pedagogical approach.

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