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Do not make a mountain out of a molehill : Individualized Support to Reduce Followers’ Resistance to Change : A Case Study of Gävle Kommun

  • Granström, Anna
  • Segelsbo, Ida
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Jan 01, 2016
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Aim: Complex, public sectors go through constant organizational change and nothing endures but change. We have chosen to investigate how leaders deal with followers’ who do not like or want to change though this is common according to our own experiences. The study has been completed to contribute to science within the subject of how leaders reduce their followers’ resistance to change in the initial stage of an organizational change. The aim is to create an understanding in how an individualized support can help the leader to reduce followers’ cognitive, emotional and intentional RTC in the initial stage of an organizational change. Method: We have used a qualitative method and semi-structured interviews to gather our data. The empirical information was analyzed through theme networks and was presented as an empirical and analyzing chapter all together. Result & Conclusions: The results we found do confirm the most of our research questions including that individualized support used by the leader does have an effect on followers’ resistance to change as well as that most employees have some kind of resistance to change. Although we did not find any proof of individualized support only being a part of the transformational leadership. Instead, we think that this kind of support will be found in several leadership styles. Suggestions for future research: We believe that our study shall be done all over again within the same context but with more respondents and in that way see if there result will be the same. This would according to us also increase the reliability. Contribution of the thesis: Our theoretical contribution includes a deeper understanding of how leaders use individualized support together with the effect on employees with RTC. Our hands-on contribution gives our interviewees and other leaders within the public sector an eye-opener of how change should be handled in future coming organizational change.

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