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Döva och arbetsliv : En litteraturstudie / Deaf People and Working Life : A literature review

  • Edenfur, Veronica
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Jan 01, 2021
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English Abstract To have a job is important for many reasons. It enables the individual to be able to support themself and make a living, and it provides an important part of one’s identity and a sense of belonging to a community. This is a literature review focusing on deaf people in work environments, with an aim to study the challenges deaf people face in hearing-norm work environments because of linguistic and cultural differences, and also which factors that can facilitate positive interactions between deaf and hearing people in the hearing-norm workplace. The aim of the study is to describe the psychosocial experience of being the only deaf person a in hearing-norm workplace, and what challenges and possibilities the individual may face. Theme analysis is used for the analysis method in the study. Themes in the study are Labor market, communication, experiences of the deaf, attitudes, responsibility and actions. Stigma and symbolic interactionism are used as theorical perspectives to analyze the material. The result shows that communication is a recurring theme through all the (studies?). The problems and the challenges in interactions between deaf and hearing individuals are related to communication. The exclusion deaf people experience is partly created by ”corridor talk”, informal interaction outside of the ordinary work where important social networks and contacts are created. The interventions necessary to solve the problem are increasing knowledge and changing attitudes.

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