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DNA sequence of IS91 and identification of the transposase gene.

  • M V Mendiola
  • Y Jubete
  • F de la Cruz
Publication Date
Feb 01, 1992


IS91 is a 1,830-bp insertion sequence that inserts specifically at the sequence CAAG or GAAC of the target and does not duplicate any sequence upon insertion (23). By transposon mutagenesis, we have identified open reading frame 426 (ORF426; bp 454 to 1731) as the putative ORF for the transposase. It displays a cysteine-rich, potential metal-binding domain in its N-terminal region. Adjacent to ORF426, there is an ORF (ORF121) which precedes and terminally overlaps ORF426 by one amino acid. Tn1732 insertions in ORF121 do not affect the transposition frequency. IS91 has sequence similarities to IS801 from Pseudomonas syringae. Their putative transposases are 36% identical, including conservation of the cysteine-rich cluster. The information concerning IS801 insertion specificity and target duplication has been reevaluated in the light of our results.

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