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DNA-histone interaction in the vicinity of replication points.

  • E J Schlaeger
  • R Knippers
Publication Date
Feb 01, 1979
  • Communication


Chromatin replication was studied in isolated nuclei from Concanavalin A activated lymphocytes. Digestion with micrococcal nuclease revealed that the resistant fraction of in vitro replicated DNA is associated with nucleosomes. Earlier experiments had shown that the nuclease resistant fraction of nascent DNA is composed of fragments which are shorter than the nuclease resistant fragments of bulk DNA. In this communication we demonstrate that the short fragments of nascent DNA are differently bound to nucleosome like structures compared to bulk DNA. At 0.5 M NaCl a fraction of pulse labeled labeled DNA is released from these structures and appears as free double stranded DNA of about 140 base pair length (5S DNA) while the 185 pair fragments of mature replicated DNA remain attached to nucleosomes under these conditions. The experiments may indicate that the interaction of a fraction of replicating DNA with histones differs from that of bulk DNA.

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