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DNA extraction and amplification of faecal samples from the White Fronted Terns (Sternula nereis). Report prepared for North New Zealand Seabird Trust. 6 p.

  • Doyle, E.
  • Adams, Nigel
Publication Date
Apr 16, 2019
Unitec Research Bank
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This report describes the success of DNA extraction and amplification of fresh faecal samples collected from White Fronted Tern Sterna striata in the field. Sample handling involved immediate placement in ethanol field followed by freezing at -20oC a few hours later on the day of collection.. DNA was extracted from 10 faecal samples collected from birds (Sternula nereis). PCR using primers targeting Chordata was then used to selectively amplify short sections of the 16S gene which can be used for prey identification . PCR products were run on an agarose gel, as a success/fail test for amplification. DNA was successfully amplified in four of the ten samples. Attempts to amplify DNA using primers targeting Malacostraca and a second pair of PCR primers, targeting a 180-270bp section of the 16S gene of multiple taxa, were unsuccessful.

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