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DNA-binding activity of tightly-bound nonhistone chromosomal proteins in chicken liver chromatin.

  • D M Gates
  • I Bekhor
Publication Date
Jul 25, 1979
  • Biology


We have isolated a nonhistone chromosomal protein fraction from chicken liver chromatin which possesses high affinity and preferential sequence DNA binding. Residually DNA-bound nonhistone chromosomal proteins after 2.0 M NaCl extraction of bulk chromatin are isolated. Bound proteins are released by dissociation of the complexes in 5.0 M urea/3.0 M NaCl. We have investigated the in vitro DNA-binding properties of this class. In contrast to other DNA-binding NHCP whose activities have been studied, direct DNA-binding activity is observed which is not abolished under conditions of high ionic strength (to 3.0 M NaCl). Strong preference in binding fractionated homologous DNA is observed, while binding of heterologous (E. Coli) DNA is negligible. The fractionation of homologous DNA permits the isolation of DNA for which this protein class displays strong binding preference, presumably through a concentration of binding sites. The composite data suggest sequence-specific interaction between this protein class and DNA, which is not abolished by high ionic strength.

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