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DMS processor evolution study

  • Liu, Yuan-Kwei
Saitama University Cyber Repository of Academic Resources


Increasing the processor performance and capability has not only become a wish list item for the Space Station Freedom (SSF) Data Management System (DMS), but also a necessity. There are many commercially available processors which have superior performance compared to the 386, but we cannot only consider performance when selecting a processor for the DMS. The processor is the 'foundation' of the DMS. It will affect the local bus, system bus, interface unit, global network, etc., that have been selected for the DMS. Besides, once the processor instruction set architecture (ISA) is selected, all of the important system software will be implemented based on this ISA. Selecting an ISA that has a strong commercial support and can be upgraded in the 30-year life cycle of the Space Station Freedom is one of the most important items for the DMS.

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