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Disulfide-linked gamma delta T cell antigen receptors expressed on T cells derived from patients with primary immunodeficiency disorders.

  • H Seki
  • M Nanno
  • N K Day
  • R A Good
  • C D Platsoucas
Publication Date
Nov 01, 1989


T cell lines or clones from two patients, one with a partial DiGeorge syndrome and one with severe common variable immunodeficiency expressed disulfide-linked gamma delta T cell antigen receptor (TCR) comprised of a gamma-chain polypeptide of 40-43 kD, and a delta-chain polypeptide of 37-40 kD. This gamma delta TCR appears to be similar to that found on T cell clones, and lines derived from peripheral blood lymphocytes from normal donors. Previous studies have shown that T cell lines derived from the peripheral blood of patients with immunodeficiency disorders express non-disulfide-linked gamma delta TCR. In contrast to the latter and coincident with findings in the present study, the vast majority of T cell lines and clones derived from the peripheral blood of normal donors express disulfide-linked gamma delta TCR.

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