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Distribution of repetitious sequences in chick nuclear DNA

  • H. Tapiero
  • M.N. Monier
  • D. Shaool
  • J. Harel
Publication Date
Feb 01, 1974


By an improved method of hydroxylapatite chromatography, the reassociated sequences of chick nuclear DNA were isolated, and their base composition analysed. By increasing the amount of reassociation, the G + C content of the renatured sequences decreased progressively to reach a mean value corresponding to that of the total DNA. In order to study the distribution of the families, or group of families having different amount of reassociation, DNA was fractionated by CsC1 density gradient centrifugation. Fractions having different G + C content were obtained, and their reassociation rates analysed. At high Cot value of renaturation (Cot=50) the amount of reassociated sequences included in the high or in the low buoyant density DNA fractions was approximately the same, but their G + C content was as expected different. At lower Cot values of renaturation (between Cot of 0.2 and the Cot of 10), the results indicated an heterogeneity of the repeated sequences in the A + T rich DNA fractions, as compared to the G + C rich ones.

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