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Disintegration of Iron-52 and Iron-53

  • Juliano, Jose O.
  • Kocher, C.W.
  • Nainan, T.D.
  • Mitchell, Allan C.G.
Publication Date
Jan 15, 1959
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRev.113.602
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The disintegration of Fe52(8.2 hours) and Fe53(8.9 min) has been investigated with the help of scintillation and coincidence counting equipment. Fe52 decays 56.5% by positron emission and 43.5% by electron capture. The end-point energy of the positron group is 0.804±0.01 Mev. This is followed by a gamma ray of energy 165 kev leading to Mn52m(21 min). The chain Fe52→Mn52→Cr52 has been studied. In addition to the well-known states of Mn52—the ground state, with character 6+ and half-life of 5.7 days, and the first excited state (Mn52m), with character 2+, half-life of 21 min, and energy of 390 kev—these experiments show a third excited state at 555 kev having a configuration 0+ and a half-life of (1.2±0.2)×10−8 sec. The disintegration of Fe53 is accompanied by the emission of a gamma ray of energy 380 kev and positron groups of end-point energies 2.84±0.10, 2.38±0.10 Mev, and an indication of third group at 1.57±0.15 Mev.

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