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The Discussion of Customer Perceived With Service Recovery

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[[abstract]]Every enterprise tries to pursuing a good service for customers but it cannot avoid service failures Besides service industry is the most one in Taiwan Enterprises offer the familiar service to customers and also keenly competitive How to reach the goal and be the winner becomes an important topic Customers judge the service and customer perceived value also affected them To concentrate on “Service recovery” can get the customers’ confidence and satisfied again When a enterprise has service failure could use service recovery to get the them confidence back the key factors of customers satisfied is customers perceived value The way of the service recovery will effect the customer perceive value so enterprise need pay more attention on the service recovery To offer the customer expect and ensure giving them the well service experience The key factors of repurchase for customers are good service experience Finally; it will catch the key successful factors if the enterprise could get the customers perceived value on keen competition situation because of the service intangibility 、inseparability 、variability 、perishability Therefore every enterprise want reduce the neglect and reverse customer’s confidence by service recovery Enterprise all think it’s advantage to get the customer’s trust again Because of that more and more enterprises focus on service recovery It has many ways on service recovery which is depend on the different industries and running models This study discusses about the service recovery and chooses restaurant business to be the case study The service recovery depends on different industries Take the right and suitable service recovery way to improve the service quality and then customers will higher the satisfied for enterprise

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