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Discriminant analysis of bronchial asthma by linear discriminant function with parameters of flow-volumes: discriminant analysis of bronchial asthma in young male non-smokers

  • Meguro, Tadamichi
  • Tsubota, Nobutaka
  • Ogata, Masana
Publication Date
Oct 01, 1978
Okayama University Scientific Achievement Repository
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<p>With the parameters of a flow-volume and a volume-time curve, the discriminant analysis of bronchial asthma is described. The subjects were classified into three groups (healthy adults, mild asthmatic patients and moderates ones). The difference of the mean vectors of the parameters of the three groups was made clear by the selection methods of the discriminant analysis between any two of the groups both with 6 parameters (%FVC, FEV1.0%, peak flow rate (PF), flow rate at 50% of FVC (V50), flow rate at 25% of FVC (V25), and V50/V25) and with 8 (6 parameters mentioned above and V75, V10). Forced expiratory volume in 1 second percent (FEV1.0%) or V50 was selected at the first step with 6 parameters, and V75 was selected at the first step with 8 parameters. Probabilities of misclassification with 8 parameters were lower than those with 6 ones and the probability of misclassification at the discriminant analysis between healthy adults and mild asthmatic patients with 8 parameters was 15.75% at the final step.</p>

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