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A Diradical Approach towards BODIPY-Based Dyes with Intense Near-Infrared Absorption around lambda=1100 nm

  • Ni, Yong
  • Lee, Sangsu
  • Son, Minjung
  • Aratani, Naoki
  • Ishida, Masatoshi
  • Samanta, Animesh
  • Yamada, Hiroko
  • Chang, Young-Tae
  • Furuta, Hiroyuki
  • Kim, Dongho
  • Wu, Jishan
Publication Date
Feb 01, 2016
[email protected]
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A diradical approach to obtain stable organic dyes with intense absorption around lambda= 1100 nm is reported. The para- and meta-quinodimethane-bridged BODIPY dimers BD-1 and BD-2 were synthesized and were found to have a small amount of diradical character. These molecules exhibited very intense absorption at lambda= 1088 nm (epsilon= 6.65 x 10(5) m(-1)cm(-1)) and 1136 nm (epsilon= 6.44 x 10(5) m(-1)cm(-1)), respectively, together with large two-photon-absorption cross-sections. Structural isomerization induced little variation in their diradical character but distinctive differences in their physical properties. Moreover, the compounds showed a selective fluorescence turn-on response in the presence of the hydroxyl radical but not with other reactive oxygen species. / 1 / 34

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