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Digital world meets urban planet – new prospects for evidence-based urban studies arising from joint exploitation of big earth data, information technology and shared knowledge

  • Esch, Thomas
  • Asamer, Hubert
  • Bachofer, Felix
  • Balhar, Jakub
  • Boettcher, Martin
  • Boissier, Enguerran
  • d'Angelo, Pablo
  • Gevaert, Caroline M.
  • Hirner, Andreas
  • Jupová, Kateřina
  • Kurz, Franz
  • Kwarteng, Andy Yaw
  • Mathot, Emmanuel
  • Marconcini, Mattia
  • Marin, Alessandro
  • Metz-Marconcini, Annekatrin
  • Pacini, Fabrizio
  • Paganini, Marc
  • Permana, Hans
  • Soukup, Tomáš
  • And 4 more
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2020
[email protected]ŠB-TUO


The digital transformation taking place in all areas of life has led to a massive increase in digital data - in particular, related to the places where and the ways how we live. To facilitate an exploration of the new opportunities arising from this development the Urban Thematic Exploitation Platform (U-TEP) has been set-up. This enabling instrument represents a virtual environment that combines open access to multi-source data repositories with dedicated data processing, analysis and visualisation functionalities. Moreover, it includes mechanisms for the development and sharing of technology and knowledge. After an introduction of the underlying methodical concept, this paper introduces four selected use cases that were carried out on the basis of U-TEP: two technology-driven applications implemented by users from the remote sensing and software engineering community (generation of cloud-free mosaics, processing of drone data) and two examples related to concrete use scenarios defined by planners and decision makers (data analytics related to global urbanization, monitoring of regional land-use dynamics). The experiences from U-TEP's pre-operations phase show that the system can effectively support the derivation of new data, facts and empirical evidence that helps scientists and decision-makers to implement improved strategies for sustainable urban development. / Web of Science / 13 / 1 / 157 / 136

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