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Digital Review: Final Project Report, Final report on the project of developing the Digital Review Application :

  • Van den Berg, J.J.J.
  • Weijers, J.
  • Westerveld, B.B.
Publication Date
Jul 02, 2009
TU Delft Repository
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SKION is a foundation that facilitates research of children with cancer. The research consists of investigating slides and other material gotten from the treating hospitals at SKION. The results of these investigations are saved into a database, while other information gathered by SKION through forms is stored in another database. Four times a year, Dutch oncologists from all around the country meet in real life to review several slides. This is a very inefficient way of working, since all participants have to come to a central location. As a solution, Martijn Tijsma introduced the possibilities of a Digital Review. This requires an application that stores forms and combines data from the two databases and merges them on screen for all participants of the review to see. The goal of this project was to create a proof that such an application can be build (Proof of concept).

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