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Digital identitet och visuell interkulturalitet i framtidens bildpedagogik / Digital identity and visual interculturality in art pedagogics of the future

  • Wright, Aron
  • Pernet, Emil
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2023
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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This knowledge overview consists of research surrounding digitalisation in pedagogics, visual culture learning communities and the correlation between these two subjects. Intercultural pedagogics often refers to including pupils’ ethnical cultural diversity as grounds for creating a discourse surrounding equality and inclusion in the classroom. However, we hypothesise implementing an intercultural view on pedagogics, where the culture is one based on teenagers’ digital presence. This could let teachers provide a learning environment that strengthens pupils’ engagement and assures inclusivity, without running the risk of labeling them ethnically. Throughout this assessment we have found research linked to the use of pop-culture and improved teaching environments, teenagers' visual identities and their sub-cultures, and an underrepresentation in the use of digital media as a proper teaching tool. Results show that a vast number of teachers misunderstand how digitalisation can be properly implemented in the classroom, and educational environments that manage to implement children’s and teenagers’ personal interests and digital identities greatly increase learning possibilities and student engagement.

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