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Differential induction of interferon gamma gene expression after activation of CD4+ T cells by conventional antigen and Mls superantigen.

  • R Patarca
  • F Y Wei
  • M V Iregui
  • H Cantor
Publication Date
Apr 01, 1991
  • Biology


We have analyzed cytokine gene expression by a murine CD4+ T-cell clone that expresses three forms of T-cell recognition. The clone employs a V beta 6-containing T-cell receptor to recognize (i) a self class II major histocompatibility complex and an ovalbumin-derived peptide (OVA), (ii) an I-Ab alloantigen, and (iii) Mls-1a. All three responses are accompanied by similar levels of cell proliferation. However, although interferon gamma gene expression is strongly induced during both physiological recognition of the OVA peptide and allogeneic major histocompatibility complex recognition, expression of this gene was not detected during the Mls response. These studies indicate that Mls recognition is functionally distinct from T-cell recognition of peptides and alloantigens and leads to an alternative pattern of cytokine gene expression. They also suggest the possibility that encounter with these two classes of T-cell antigen in vivo may generate subsets of T helper cells that display different patterns of cytokine gene expression.

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